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Single Rotary High Speed Tablet Press/Compression Machine with Pre-compression

Features of Single Rotary High Speed Tablet Press/Compression Machine with Pre-compression:High Speed Rotary Tablet Press - 37 45 55 61 Stations

  • Turret : Special Grade Casting material Turret with Upper punch Keyway and lower punch with Powder Scraper Seal.
  • M.O.C. : All the contact parts SS-316 & non contact parts SS-304.
  • Guard : Sound reducing 11mm thick transparent acrylic upper guard and lower guard will be SS-304.
  • Drive arrangement : Ele. Motor with variable frequency control & Electromagnetic Clutch to main gearbox.
  • Turret Drive : Oil merged gear box with worm and worm wheel through central pillar (center drive).
  • Force Feeders : Force feeders incorporated for improve granulation flow and Feeding, Performance. Force fitted with Variable Frequency Drive. Discharge chute and butterfly Valve for Flow Control.
  • Lubrication : Has Manual hand pump lubrication system for Lubrication to Fulcrum pins and rolls bearings.
  • Dust Suction : Dust extraction nozzle provided around both the Pre compression point which will be connected with your Centralized Dust collection system OR connected to your Dust Extraction Unit.
  • Quick & Easy Tool : For fast tool change over of Lower Punch & Die with help of easy removable interlock.
  • Front Control : All controls are provided out side of the Tableting Compression zone in front of the Machine for easy operation. 1) Weight adjustment 2) Tablet thickness/hardness 3) Pre-compression tablet thick (Lower Roll).

Technical Specifications of Single Rotary High Speed Tablet Press / Compression Machine with Pre-compression

Model DTx 26 DTx 32
Type of Tooling "D" "B"
Number of Station 26 32
Tablets Output /hour* (Max.) 109200 134400
Operating Pressure Max. (Ton) 100 100
Pre-pressure Pressure Max. (Ton) 10 10
Tablet Diameter Max. (mm) 25 16
Depth of Fill Max. (mm) 20.5 17.5
Turret RPM Max. 70 70
Upper Punch Penetration (mm) 3 to 8 m 3 to 6 m
Total Ele. Power (kw/hp) 5.5 kW / 7.5 HP 6.7 KW / 9 HP
Force Feeder Motors (kw/hp) 0.19 kw / 0.25 H
Electric Power Supply 1440 RPM 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph.
OR As Per the requirement of Customer
Tablet Press Dimension (mm)(Approx.) 720 x 1040 x 1850
Net Weight (kgs) (Approx.) 1900 kgs

* Depending upon the tooling size, shape and material characteristics
  Note: We reserve right to change specifications without any prior notice.