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Central Drive Rotary Tablet Press / Compression Machine (Pre-compression or Double Rotary Options)

Features of Central Drive Rotary Tablet Press / Compression Machine:

Slugging Tablet Press Bolus Tablet Press for Veterinary

  • Square GMP Model
  • Machine is having 10 tons. pre compression pressure in single layer.
  • Heavy duty construction of the machine with heavy M.S. plate
  • Easy Cleaning & quick change over of Dies & Punches
  • Machine is having central driven with silicon grease immerge gear box.
  • Upper Punch penetration is provided as a standard features.
  • Upper Pressure Roller & Lower pressure roller is made of OHNS material.
  • Advance pressure mechanism system.
  • Easy to clean and operator friendly design.
  • Heavy compact design.
  • Double sided lifting cam is provided for safe movement of Upper punches.
  • Interlocking to all upper guard is provided as a safety features
  • Electronics digital tablet counter / RPM meter is provided in front control panel
  • Reverse direction motion protection is provided to avoid major accidents

    Technical Specifications of Central Drive Rotary Tablet Press / Compression Machine:

    Model TPC-20-Central TPC-12-Central (For Vetarinary / Salt etc.)
    Type of Tooling "D" Special
    Number of Station 20 12
    Tablets Output /hour* (Max.) 60000 15840
    Operating Pressure Max. (Ton) 10 10
    Pre-pressure Pressure Max. (Ton) 10 10
    Tablet Diameter Max. (mm) 25 50
    Depth of Fill Max. (mm) 20.5 30
    Turret RPM Max. 50 22
    Upper Punch Penetration (mm) 1.5 to 8 m 1.5 to 8 m
    Total Ele. Power (kw/hp) 2.25 kW / 3 HP 3.75 kW / 5 HP
    Electric Power Supply 950 RPM 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph.
    OR As Per the requirement of Customer
    Tablet Press Dimension (mm)(Approx.) 915 x 685 x 1500
    Net Weight (kgs) (Approx.) 1200 kgs 1800 kgs

    * Depending upon the tooling size, shape and material characteristics
      Note: We reserve right to change specifications without any prior notice.